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2012 Recipients

» Aimee Horsfall (Bachelor of Science), Riverland

“University is often regarded as one of the first steps into adulthood but this is more of a leap for country students who are also moving hundreds of kilometres away from their families.”

“The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship has been a huge help in taking some of the financial pressure off both myself and my family, for which I’m very grateful.”

“It has allowed me to spend more time focussing on studies rather than working purely to support my place here.”

» Eddy Sabre, (Bachelor of Engineering (Mining)), Adelaide

“I grew up in Urumqi, Xinjiang and come from an Uyghur background. Coming to Australia in 2009 was one of the best things that has ever happened to my life.” 

“My mother has been struggling financially to support me and our family – she has sacrificed so much for me. This scholarship has brought great relief to my family's financial concerns and stress.”

“I am very grateful to the University of Adelaide for the huge support this Scholarship provides and for letting me chase my dream.”

» Edward Young (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery), Adelaide

“I am very grateful for the assistance the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship has provided me when I was stressing over how to manage my finances for the year, considering how little financial support my family could provide me.”

“By relieving this pressure, I will worry less and be able to focus and devote more time to my studies.” 

“To be honoured with such a Scholarship is also an added motivation to push myself and maintain the highest grades I am capable of, and I feel it is a reminder and recognition of what I have already achieved.”

» Linh Van (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery), Adelaide

“The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship has allowed me to afford expensive equipment necessary for my studies that I am unable to pay for myself.”

“I feel like I have more freedom and am less financially reliant on my family, which is a help to all of us.” 

“It opens up more opportunities for me in the future, such as studying overseas which would otherwise be difficult to afford. “ 

2006 Recipient - an update

» Glenn Smith (B Com (Corp Fin) 2009, Dip Lang 2011, LLB 2011)

Awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund in 2006, Glenn Smith says he is still benefiting from its impact today. 

At the time, Glenn was grateful for the financial assistance the Scholarship provided, especially because he needed to move away from his Flinders Ranges home to study. 

“The Scholarship meant that I needed to work less part-time to help support myself and could instead concentrate on my study,” says Glenn.

“It had much more than a financial impact on me. I have benefited greatly from the opportunities afforded to me through the scholarship and consequently, my personal and academic experiences during University were enhanced.”

Going on to complete challenging and successful internships at PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG and Minter Ellison, Glenn has since moved to Sydney to take up a graduate position with the NSW Treasury.

“I have no doubt that the experiences I enjoyed as a result of the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship helped me get this position.”