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Barr Smith Library Memory Book

What’s your favourite memory of the Barr Smith Library?
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Graduate and Staff, 1965-1972; 1980-1990

So many memories. I was lucky to be appointed as a reference librarian in 1970, just after I graduated..

Belinda Quick
Student, 2003 - present

My love affair with the BSL began when I was a toddler. Back in the 80s....

Jen Clark
Staff, early 90's to now

Sitting in the BSL, attempting to study, and watching out the round window...

Evelyn Wagner

My mother, Marie Robinson, worked at the Barr Smith Library for over 30 years and on many occasions it lived with us...

Ralph Abbot
Graduate 1961 - 1965

During swatvac the BSL reading room was full every night as students studied...

Barbara Wall
Graduate, Student 1945 - 1951

In 1945 on my first day, I walked in to that marvellous reading room, past the staff desk, turned right, went right up to the back left hand corner...

Teresa Donnellan
Graduate 1941-1950

With reference to your request for Barr Smith Library stories, I believe mine may be unique...

David Inverarity
Graduate 1964-1979

Late May
the slanting sun
reddens the reading room...

John Davies
Staff Member - 25 years so far 

"Marie Robinson was the Collection Management Librarian when I started working in the BSL, back in 1984...

Patricia Raymond
Wife of Ira Raymond (1917-2004), University of Adelaide Librarian 1964 - 1982. 

"This one remained in Ira's memory. It was during the University's Centenary celebrations that His Royal Highness paid a fleeting visit to...

Latifa Mah

"My first couple of years studying medicine were overwhelming, intense and gruelling. Never before had I felt so out of my element...

Troy Young

"Browsing in the old section of the library and finding a book written by...

Adrienne Lovelock
Staff 1989 - 2008

"I was working as the Alumni Activities Coordinator, and I was taking a visiting group of children, teachers and parents from...

Helen Grubel

"There are so many memories of the Barr Smith Library, it was the focus of University life...

Student, Graduate

"So many memories! where to begin? 

Rainy days looking out over the Barr Smith lawns...

John K.
Graduate 1961-76

"The spaciousness of it - compared with my school library...

Barbara Roberts
Graduate 1976 - 1978 BA

"The details have dulled with time, but the basic memory remains of hours spent huddled in the dim recesses...

Felicity Tepper
Graduate 1988 - 1992

"I loved just searching the shelves. BSL had more exciting books on them than any academic library...

Greg Bowering
Graduate, Staff 1991 - 1998

"The Computer Science Honours Student laboratory in the Plaza Building had a mysterious locked door...

Graduate, student, staff

"Even after twenty years working here, I still enjoy giving tours of the library that include the Reading Room...

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